Routine Infant Circumcision: Know the Whole Story

07/31/2013 — by Nicole Donald

When considering this procedure it’s so important to make sure that you get all the facts. Mainstream media, many western medical professionals and several websites that come up from a general online search of this subject will only provide common misinformation reinforcing myths that are accepted in our society as truth.

This is why I have compiled a ton of helpful links that speak directly about the risks, dangers and long-term effects of this surgery in one convenient spot, for anyone looking to become FULLY INFORMED on this issue. I have also included relevant links that address some of the arguments based on religion, along with personal stories and experiences from informed doctors and nurses.

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Circumcision will impact your child for the rest of his life and could cause serious complication or death; it is definitely worth the time it will take you to do the research before giving your consent. Please review the following:

Are you fully informed?

A video of an actual circumcision (PLEASE watch if you are considering this surgery for your child):

A link to a class action suite against circumcision with a ton of statements from MEN who have been affected by this procedure:

A slide show on the medicalization of circumcision:

An article on circumcision written by MotherWise community admin Kristen:

Blog on the vulnerability of men and why some circumcised men have trouble accepting anything is wrong:

Circumcision and pain:

Response to circumcision with anesthesia:

Circumcision causes permanent brain damage– study ends early CNN:

The important functions of the foreskin:

Immunological and protective functions of the foreskin:

More on the very important functions of the foreskin:

Sex as nature intended it (make sure you check out all 10 slides):

Foreskin sexual function:

Differences between the intact and circumcised penis:

Very not-safe-for-work intact vs. cut images:

Death from circumcision:

Over 100 baby boys die every year from circumcision in the US (a newborn baby is in a state of critical hemorrhage from a loss of just 1 ounce of blood):

Another article that addresses the 100+ infant deaths that occur every year in the US from circumcision:

Midwife Gloria Lemay’s notes on specific circumcision deaths known to the public:

John V. Geisheker, J.D., LL.M., Executive Director of Doctors Opposing Circumcision discusses why circumcision accidents and deaths are underreported:

More on circumcision death written by MotherWise community admin Kristen:

Complications from circumcision:

A gallery of BOTCHED circumcision. This contains pictures; botched circumcision is real. There can be many kinds:

Men Do Complain:

A botched circumcision and mothers regret:

Example of what REAL informed consent forms should look like. If parents were presented this do you think they would consent?

Standford circumcision contraindications:

Does circumcision cause erectile dysfunction?

The effects of circumcision on breastfeeding:

Informed medical professionals’ opinions on circumcision:

Policies of medical organizations of circumcision:

Response to the 2012 AAP report on circumcision:

Doctors Opposing Circumcision:

Nurses for the Rights of the Child:

A male RN’s view on circumcision:

A nursing student talks about her experience being introduced to RIC:

Why a nurse withdrew from nursing school after witnessing a circumcision:

Religious perspectives on circumcision:

What the Bible says about circumcision:

Jews Against Circumcision:

When we know better we can do better:

A letter from a mother to her son about circumcision:

Circumcision: A son’s forgiveness:

To my circumcised son:

MotherWise community admin Amanda’s personal experience with circumcision:

My personal experience with circumcision:

Intact care:

Basic care for the intact penis (REMEMBER: only clean what is seen! The foreskin is fused to the head of the penis, just like your fingernail to your finger. During infancy and toddlerhood you will NOT have to retract it to clean; over time it will begin to separate on its own, and at that time the boy can glide it back himself. The foreskin is designed to protect the glans (head) of the penis):

50 reasons to leave it alone:

How to care for and tend to red, irritated or infected foreskin (keep in mind that GIRLS get more infections than intact boys):

Other Helpful resources:

This site has a bunch of circumcision related videos and a ton of awesome info on the procedure in general:

Several informative articles on circumcision can be found here:

A six part series on circumcision from Psychology Today:

Part 1: Myths About Circumcision You Likely Believe:

Part 2: More Circumcision Myths You May Believe: Hygiene and STDs:

Part 3: Circumcision: Social, Sexual, Psychological Realities:

Part 4: Circumcision Ethics and Economics:

Part 5: What Is the Greatest Danger for an Uncircumcised Boy?

Part 6: Why Continue To Harm Boys From Ignorance of Male Anatomy?

Originally published on the MotherWise blog.

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